T / t で始まる英単語

【T / t で始まる英単語】 英単語をクリックすると、くわしい説明のページが開きます。


table   thirteen   track and field
table tennis   thirteenth   trade
tablet   thirtieth   trademark
take   thirty   tradition
talk   thirty-first   traditional
tall   thirty-one   traffic
taste   this   train
taxi   those   training
tea   though   trash
teach   thought   travel
teacher   thousand   traveler
team   three   tree
tear   through   triangle
teeth   throw   trip
telephone   thumb   trouble
television   Thursday   truck
tell   ticket   true
temperature   tie (名詞)   trunk
temple   tie (動詞)   truth
ten   tiger   try
tennis   till   T-shirt
tense   time   tube
tenth   tired   Tuesday
test   tissue   tulip
textbook   to   turn
than   today   TV
thank   toe   twelfth
that   together   twelve
the   toilet   twentieth
the U.S.(A.)   tomato   twenty
the United States   tomorrow   twenty-eighth
theater   tonight   twenty-fifth
their   too   twenty-first
theirs   tool   twenty-four
them   tooth   twenty-fourth
themselves   toothache   twenty-ninth
then   toothbrush   twenty-one
there   toothpaste   twenty-second
these   top   twenty-seventh
they   touch   twenty-sixth
thick   tour   twenty-third
thin   towel   twenty-two
thing   tower   twice
think   town   two
third   toy   two-story
thirsty   track   type

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